Sunday, 10 June 2012

eternal children

forest echoes

come on people now, shine on your brother

mischievous macadamias

milano. hangin' out in milano.

cielo selvaggio

☽ ☀ ☾ cosmica re ☽ ☀ ☾

foreign love speaks in new discourse, an expression through the art of touch. enriched amidst the mosaic artwork of intoxicating eyes. 

to discover new symbols, to breathe a new life, we took a walk through the valley of the shadows of death.

Cimetero Monumentale, Milan 
October 2012

arms stretched wide

مراكش ‎ express

love is all

to find yourself completely contented, dissolving in synchronized bliss with another being, the inner forces fuse in beauty and truth. untying the perpetual state of  seeking. the one the monkey riddles. that yearn for transcendence. but transcendence is a word in a book of words. 

in this flow of unification. there is  no language. there is nothing left but  a bliss-vibration. a laugh so loud that star dust fills both your mouths, and you cannot stop it even if you try.